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Monday, February 27, 2012

Chili throwdown

Someone in my office decided the next throwdown should be chili, so I made a new recipe on Saturday.  I didn't expect it to win (and I didn't!), but thought I might get some comments to help make it better.

Three others brought chili, so I asked each about their ingredients to determine if I could sample them.  One used beef broth, one used barbecue sauce, and one used flour, so that's zero of three I tried.  A couple people brought cornbread and someone brought a corn dish, but it was started with a cornbread mix, so those were out.  Some awesome person brought Fritos, so I had those with my chili, along with a salad with dressing I keep in the refrigerator.  Someone in the kitchen was really surprised to see me eating the Fritos; we read the ingredients and I joked that I won't starve to death since I can eat Fritos.

I asked about the chili, what I could change to make it more "chili" and didn't get too much help.  I think my husband is looking for that darker color that comes from beef or beef broth, so I might have to mix the meats or something.  When I told one person that I used spicy chicken sausauge from Sprouts, she told me she uses their sausage with some red pepper flakes and half a can of pumpkin and some chicken broth and serves it over pasta.  That sounds pretty good to me.

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