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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wildflower Bread Company

The ladies in the office invited me to lunch, and the birthday girl chose Wildflower Bread Company.  I have looked at their menu and did not find anything readily okay for me to eat, besides several vegetarian soups that may or may not be served the day I go.  I decided to do more homework and found that I can have a few things:
  • Serrano grape dressing (all other dressings contain at least soybean oil)
  • Sante Fe Pepper Soup
  • Vegetarian Black Bean Soup
  • Vegetarian Chili
  • Vegetarian Lentil
  • Salmon Caesar (kind of: it would only be salmon, lettuce and capers; no mushrooms, no croutons or bread, no dressing or cheese)
  • Wildflower Salad (no dressing or bread)
  • Dinner Balsamic Salad (no dressing or bread)  
I decided I could get the pick two if they had a soup I can eat with the wildflower salad, or I could get one of the salads and add salmon.  (The chicken is NOT safe.)  When we arrived, I noticed a soup listed that I had not seen so I found the manager and asked if I could see the ingredient list.  He immediately took me to the counter and found it for me--and the Vegetarian Masala Tomato Lentil (dairy free, gluten free, vegan) with no bread is safe for me.  I had the soup and wildflower salad with the serrano grape dressing and a green ice tea.  The salad was fine, the dressing was good, and the soup was very good.

When I refilled my ice tea, I found the manager and thanked him for his help.  (Holding my award) I'd like to thank Allergic Girl for teaching me to find the manager to ask food issue questions, and the manager for being so helpful when interrupted...

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