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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Last night, perhaps understandably, I did not want to do a lot of housework.  I had not done as much as I meant to over the weekend, but I knew I had several days before I would have company.  Anyway, last night, I did some as I have a schedule in place this week so my house will be clean Friday when we have our out of town guests over.  This morning, I did a few more things before heading out to work.

I had an appointment at lunchtime that was a little out of my normal lunch area, so I found that there were a couple of Thai restaurants I could try.  I went to the one that seemed most convenient.  Thai Basil had some outdoor seating as well as the crowded indoor seating, so I said I could take either and was seated inside.  They almost immediately put a salad and glass of water on the table; I waited and asked the waitress what was in the dressing.  She said "you can't have that" and took it with her when she left.

I asked about one of their signature dishes, Thai Basil with chicken.  She said it could be made without soy and there was no wheat.  When it came, it had a fried spring roll and a dish of sauce.  I couldn't get anyone to come by, so I didn't touch them or anything touching the spring roll.  When she came back, she said "you can't have that."  Um, if that's true, why is it on my plate?  The meal was essentially chicken and veggies with basil, but appeared to have no sauce, and a side of plain jasmine rice.  It was fine, but I left feeling annoyed.  I wasn't overly full but I felt like I probably ate enough but I wasn't satisfied.  I hate that feeling.  Maybe I'll try the other Thai restaurant next time.

There was something that happened today that really upset me.  I'm trying to say that I'm being overly emotional because of Jill, but really, I'm just shocked at the things people do and I don't understand their motivations.  I think I'm a pretty understanding person but I don't know how I will forget about this one.  (semi-update: I think I understand why it happened, but I'm not sure if it's better or worse than my original feelings or thoughts.)

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