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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ceviche or seafood salad?

Yesterday, for breakfast, I had my leftover curry from True Food. Yes, for breakfast. It's basically rice for breakfast, right?

I was invited to lunch for professional reasons with a couple people I happen to like. They suggested Season's 52. I've been there before, so I know it's a pretty limited menu for me but I can eat there. When I arrived, I asked for the gluten-free and the dairy-free menus. When the waitress asked about drinks, I stuck with water, knowing that they sell their green tea from cans, only sweetened. Blech.

She discussed the specials on the right side of the regular menu. I told her I have the g/f and d/f menus but needed to also check on soy, yeast, and eggs. I was interested in the ceviche listed as a special. She came back and said that was okay so I ordered it to start, then the cedar plank salmon with only veggies--broccoli, carrots, spinach--only cooked in olive oil, salt and pepper. The people I was with ordered flatbread to start and tuna salads as well as tea, one canned green tea and one regular black tea.

Our starters arrived and the flatbread looked amazing. I took a bite of the ceviche and then waited for the waitress to come back. It was creamy. I've had creamy dressing that was safe but generally, creamy anything is not safe. She said it was sour cream. Oh, shit. Apparently, I was not clear because I only asked about soy, yeast, and eggs. Since it didn't have mayo (eggs), she thought it would be fine. I reassured her (what could be done at this point?) and she took it away.

The salmon was cooked well but I had to salt and pepper the whole plate of blandness. By the time I got back to the office (we were at lunch for a while) I had to go to the bathroom. Wow, that was yucky. My head was hurting too, but it wasn't too bad and I worked for a while longer.

I talked to a lady in my office who just recently gave me a recipe for ceviche. Although there are certainly lots of ways to make ceviche, she seemed as shocked as me at the sour cream. I guess I just have to make my own since "good" restaurants don't know how it's done.

I was leaving early to run an errand with my husband, and we discussed going to dinner after. While we were at Arrowhead Mall, he found the "Find me gluten-free" app for Android and we decided to go to Abuelo's, which we had seen on our way to the mall. Abuelo's has a gluten-free menu. The first question I asked was about what oil they cook the fajitas in and the waitress said vegetable oil so I sent her to find out if it was soy and gave her my "no" list.

She came back and said it is soybean oil and the manager said they could do a dry (no marinade, sauce, or seasoning) pork tenderloin with a side salad and olive oil and vinegar. I asked if I could get pico de gallo, salsa, and guacamole instead of the oil and vinegar, so that's what I ordered, while my husband had enchiladas and rice and chips and queso. The queso appeared to be that canned stuff you can get at Costco but he really liked the rice which had carrots and corn in it. My pork was cooked well enough, though dry on the ends, and the guacamole and salsa saved the dinner from blandness, but I wouldn't go back.

I was feeling really exhausted so I was glad that the movie theatre there didn't have late enough movie times for us. We went home and I started to read and then I was out cold. I slept on the couch for several hours, woke up and went to bed in the wee hours, and slept in. I probably slept for 12 hours. I'm not sure if the bad food did it to me or it was just catching up from not getting enough sleep in general.

I had some leftover pasta for breakfast/lunch. A few hours later, Mick had leftover pizza for a late lunch. I was hungry and that smelled amazing. I broke my sugar fast a half a day early (this is day 30 of 30) with a protein smoothie. It was frozen pears, almond milk, chocolate protein powder, cacao nibs, flax. I topped it with some Enjoy Life Seed and Fruit Mix - Mountain Mambo that I got in a gluten free daily deal offer. It melted since it stayed in the mailbox in Phoenix all day a couple weeks ago, so it's in my freezer now. It was fantastic, the combination of the "shake" and the crunchy topping.

For dinner, I made a fish taco recipe from my Paleo cookbook. It looked like the 2 pieces of cod I had thawed wouldn't be enough so I added some quickly thawed frozen shrimp to the marinade. I served it (not Paleo) on Tortillaland corn tortillas with lettuce, guacamole, and Drew's roasted salsa. Not bad. And I have some leftover for breakfast with some leftover rice from a previous meal.


  1. Sour Cream in ceviche??!?! Gross. We are having ceviche tonight for dinner, and you could eat everything in it. It is delicious, and only contains shrimp, scallops, cucumber, tomato, cilantro, onion, jalapenos, and lime. Let it "cook" in the lime juice for a couple hours. Serve with a side of avocado and gluten-free crackers.

  2. That sounds more like it! I haven't found crackers I can eat yet though--all the g/f crackers seem to have yeast for some reason. So I use chips, like g/f corn chips.