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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Guessing game

I felt pretty terrible tonight. Mick thought it was lunch but I'm skeptical. I was already feeling gassy and bloated, and frankly, having very stinky toots before we made it to lunch at Royal Jasmine Thai. The lady there was very reassuring that there was no soy and no gluten in the curry I got. I took some home for a snack later. When I really started feeling terribly, I went back mentally. WTF did I eat this time? Was it a delayed reaction to the terribleness of Friday's adventures eating out? Or was it something more to do with my activity level, my back maybe, since I've been doing a lot of gardening and cleaning?
After thinking about it for a while, I'm wondering if that tiny blip on my allergy test for shrimp is going to cause me trouble. I don't eat it very often, so I guess I could easily test that theory if I can feel well enough for long enough to test any theory.
Unfortunately, this means that I can't measure if today's Thai food made me sick or not.

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