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Saturday, July 21, 2012


I knew I was getting sick by the time I left work yesterday, so I stopped at the grocery store for some supplies. I got some Vitamin C and Zinc, both of which I generally don't take since they boost the immune system, and a couple of bottles of orange juice. I originally planned to go to get some yogurt (coconut milk) so I picked that up and a few other things and headed home.

I took a bottle of OJ and the 4 serving size of vanilla yogurt for our trip up north for dog training in the woods. While I was eating my entire yogurt with some granola added, someone asked me about the calories. I had to look and do some math since I rarely consider the calories now. I mean, I have a general idea of calories, but I'm not counting them--I just try to eat more "nutritional" calories than empty calories.

There was about 350 calories in the yogurt, so I thought that was pretty reasonable since I wouldn't be eating a sandwich like most people brought for their lunches. During the day, I had a Clif Organics Kit bar and a Larabar Uber, which I thought was a little overly sweet, just like the regular Larabar with those flavors (apple pie and cherry pie). I also had an apple with Justin's Maple Almond Butter.

After the training had ended, we were hanging out and I mentioned to a couple who had their dogs running around that they should watch them around Teka. My husband went to change his clothes, and a short time later, I heard the yelling. He later explained that Teka was fine with the male dog who came over and was nose to nose with her, but the female dog came over and growled and Teka snapped at her. So maybe, just maybe, we will be able to work with her, and get a male dog, probably from our local breed rescue from a foster who knows us and our situation, but not get a puppy, for our next dog.

We usually go to Bunhuggers on our way out of Flagstaff, and I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to eat there, but I encouraged my husband to go anyway. Fortunately, they grill the burgers and chicken without any oil or seasonings, so I asked for a burger with no bun.

They have a salad bar type set up for the burger toppings, which includes shredded lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and relish, onions, and an assortment of sauces. I was thrilled that they gave me a stack of lettuce leaves under my burger, so I was able to make a lettuce wrap. I'm going to miss their fried zucchini, mushrooms and zucchini, with ranch, but the burger--protein style--was good.

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