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Friday, July 6, 2012


One of my nieces likes to ask me "hru?" I couldn't respond today. I just felt too negative. All I could think to say was "shitty." Or "really fucking shitty."

I felt crappy when I woke up, but it wasn't so bad. So I worked through it, did some gardening for a couple hours since my husband's helpers were here to help him with tearing down the farm. The corn was dead so it came out; the sunflowers were cut off to dry out in the garage; the watermelons were cut and brought in; it appears to be too hot for everything now. I harvested some beets, eggplant and basil. I worked on digging out some weeds, pulling out some overgrown or dead stuff, and cutting down the parsley that came back for the third time (so it's not good parsley) and the swiss chard.

But I felt bloated, gassy, headachy, just not good. I tried to keep hydrated, and stopped for breakfast around 10. I had leftover taco meat with Kettle crinkle chips and guacamole. I had some orange gatorade and a lot of water.

I progressively felt worse.

I tried to cover it up since the helpers were still here. When they left, I had to lay down and I watched TV. I felt more bloated and gassy later in the day. I had some chicken nuggets and tater tots seasoned with seasoned salt, with ketchup for lunch, followed by some green and red grapes and two Enjoy Life Crunchy chocolate cookies, which were seriously awesome. I thought I should eat something healthier but I just didn't feel good at all and wanted "comfort" food.

It seemed like I felt even more bloated as the evening progressed. I kept drinking water and going to the bathroom. The pork shoulder was finally done so we had pulled pork for dinner. I had mine with some sauce and a few chips. I also had some cranberry juice. I had a couple more cookies. I told Mick about the lightheadedness. I'm not even sure that's the right word but I feel like my head didn't keep up when I moved and it's swimming, heavy, going to explode, or something.

I can't remember when this shitty cycle started but this has to be at least the third day and I'm so done. I think Dr. H was wrong and I'm seriously considering getting a different type of allergy test. My SIL is looking into it an allergy test, Alcat, she read about in Living Well. Someday, I'd like to live well.

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