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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

No boys. Except the doctor.

I haven't been to a MS support group or event in a long time, it seems. I was surprised to get several notications about different events planned very close together, but I forwarded the information to a newly diagnosed friend of my coworker. When she decided to go to the "No Boys Allowed" program, I agreed to meet her, although neither of us was excited about the topic. The presentation was urology.

The presentation was about bladder, and to a smaller degree, bowel issues related to MS. A couple of things  caught my interest. One was a diagram of a nerve running from the big toe through the leg to the sacrum area; the doctor was showing a point in the ankle that they use for acupuncture to impact the bladder/bowel function affected in the sacrum area. Hmmm, maybe there's something interesting here. Or maybe not. But I have issues with my leg when I have issues with my, ahem, digestion.

Part of their (non-surgical) treatment protocol includes Pilates. He gave out handouts about doing Kegel exercises, and says that they recommend Pilates. It was unclear if he was saying they are related, but I'm seriously considering some Pilates to prevent future bladder issues.

I was able to talk to the new girl afterward; she mentioned that she finds herself, not usually a curser, cursing more since her diagnosis. I fucking curse way more when I'm talking about my health than just about anything, except maybe how ridiculous people are! She seemed to be looking for information on diet and alternatives medicine to complement the conventional medicine being recommended by her doctor. I support that mission! She had actually already done a Paleo challenge with her fiancee prior to diagnosis, so I think she may be in a good place to pursue a very healthy lifestyle.

I took my monthly monitoring survey too. No changes!

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