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Thursday, July 5, 2012


I woke up feeling crappy. My head hurt and I just generally felt blechy. I felt like I was moving in slow motion, but I got ready and headed out. My husband had the day off and I was going to the Naturopathic College for two appointments before going to work. I went to the bathroom, just a little, when I got there and felt just a tiny bit better briefly.

I saw Dr. M first for my adjustment. There were two students I had met at previous appointments. My headache was pretty bad by then so he was talking to the students about diagnosing headaches. It sounded like he felt it was a hypertension headache although they did talk about another type that I can't recall now.

They also talked about the relationship between the upper and lower back as he was adjusting near the top to adjust the mid-lower back. I felt better when he was done, but I didn't feel good. I had started crying as soon as the students were asking about how I felt and had pretty much cried the whole time I was there. Dr. M picked up a magazine that was left on the counter and pointed at the title and said that was me. Lucky. Really? How the hell am *I* lucky? I let it go, but I really wanted to disagree. Loudly and vehemently. But I felt too crappy.

I had a new student for my visit with Dr. H. I told her that I was feeling bad and of course, I was crying in no time. The other doctor who works with Dr. H (but I always forget her name) stopped in and seemed a little, I want to say freaked out, but probably just concerned. She sent the student to find Dr. H, who came in very quickly; it seemed she thought it was an emergency. I must have really been freaking out or at least freaking everyone else out. They gave me some Rescue Remedy--stuff I have at home for my Teka dog's anxiety.

The other doctor left while I was talking to Dr. H who had the student discuss my diet and medications. She seems to think that it's not related to my food allergies (although I'm bloated and having digestive issues) and she was very curious about the Celiac care kit. I have to admit, I didn't feel well the whole time I was on it, so she suggested I might need to stop taking all supplements.

She hadn't received the most recent lab reports from the endocrinologist, so I let her know that I have a copy and could fax it. She also requested the MRI report, and the details of the Celiac care kit. She wanted me to have my blood drawn before leaving so she could see what was going on.

She also had the student give me a food diary to feel out. She wanted the student to discuss my diet with me, including why I was excluding each item--um, basically cause I don't think I feel well after eating those things. I felt like she was saying that I am putting things on my list that don't have to be there. The student, after hearing that I stopped eating wheat in August of last year, gave me some ridiculous comment about cutting my diet so drastically that it wasn't sustainable. W. T. F. people? If I'm allergic or even sensitive to something, why would I keep eating it? Oh, even better, Dr. H added seafood to my "no" list because of iodine.

She seems pretty certain that my symptoms are symptoms of Graves disease and/or of the medication I'm taking for Graves. Unfortunately, I can't really agree with that assessment since I've been feeling like this for years. It had gotten a lot better for a while but still, I know that it was going on before the Graves. I felt too crappy to argue. I just wanted to feel better.

When they were all out of the room, I laid down. My head just about exploded when I laid down. I closed my eyes and saw stars. Like being in the Starship Enterprise traveling through space--moving stars. Unbelievable pain, head and low, low back.

They came back in and I told them how bad I was feeling. They wanted me to stay there and relax. The other doctor gave me some (I think) magnesium homeopathic tablets. Dr. H told me to go home rather than going to work. Eventually I was able to get back up and they sent me to get my blood drawn. When we were waiting for the lady at the desk to process my paperwork, I felt sick to my stomach. Oh, hell--I haven't thrown up from being in pain in a long time. Well, I made it without getting sick, got my blood drawn, and headed to the car where I adjusted my mirror up.

I went home and called in sick to work. That made me feel a little sick too. I have a lot of stuff to get done and I'm going home instead. Really? *sigh* I had some gluten-free chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce and tator tots with ketchup. Then I slept for four hours. I still have a headache.

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