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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Living Without

Since we were going to celebrate a birthday for a 7 year old at a relative's house. I know that they will have food but I won't be able to eat much, but also that the Celiac relative would be bringing a dessert for me to share with her. So I ate lunch right before we headed over. After some swimming, we had some cake from the Gluten Free Creations bakery. Sweet. Really, it seemed very sugary. But it was good as a treat, with another treat--coffee with Kahlua.

She sent me home with the rest of the cake and I'm certain I will eat a piece every day until it's gone so it doesn't go to waste! She also brought me some chocolate chip cookies which were very good, very much like a traditional cookie but maybe a little more, not really crumbly but kind of that type of texture.

The Celiac relative brought me her first issue of Living Without magazine. She wanted to show me an ad for Alcat testing. I'm not sure that it's the answer but it seems to be associated with a rotation diet. She also informed me that she was going to get a gift subscription for me for my birthday!

In this issue, I liked the one page Living Without pantry Substitution Solutions. Although it specifically says that substituting for more than two eggs may change the integrity of a recipe, the recipe for the blueberry pancake makeover lists the flax gel substitute for the 3 eggs. I might try it to see how it works. But I hate to waste my time and money if it doesn't come out.

There are several other recipes I could make as well. I find it interesting that even in a magazine like this, for people with allergies, there are so many recipes I can't make or have to consider what substitutions I will have to make. At the same time, it's good to see a few things for me. And I like the book recommendations. I have one of the books I borrowed from the library and it did have some good ideas, and 2 more of the books are available at my library and look like they may have some good recipes for me too.

This relative and I go to the same endocrinologist, and we discussed the lack of diet and nutrition advice we have received, how they really rely on medicine and don't seem to be looking for any cutting edge or alternative treatment to thyroid disease. For example, she is eating seaweed for her Hashimotos but it is not recommended for people with Graves. She (as I am!) was really confused by the fact that I've gone back to Hashimotos after just being diagnosed with Graves a few months ago.

Frankly, I'm kind of tired of doing all this research and trying to figure out what I should or should not be doing. I'm currently considering cutting nightshades from my diet (she has not done that, but there was an article about it) but am so restricted that I'm thinking about doing a "priority list" so that I can be the most restrictive at home but not as much when I'm out. Otherwise, I fear that I will really go insane. Insaner.

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