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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Yesterday, I had a really long day, a lot of stress. But I felt okay. I had a (kind of terrible) smoothie for breakfast, some nuts (almonds, Brazil, hazelnut, pecan, cashews) for a snack, green ice tea from AJs with my leftover pasta with sausage and vegetables (marinara, zucchini, mushrooms, onion, red/yellow bell pepper, garlic, seasonings) for lunch.

I came home and did a little front yard weed pulling, then moved to the back near the garden box but it was getting dark so I headed in. I had some salad and another serving of leftover pasta. It seemed like a big dinner, but a couple hours later, I was really hungry. We were just watching TV and I was reading online, but I was hungry enough to really think about what to eat. I decided on some pistachios. By the time I went to bed, I wasn't feeling great, but I had a helluva day.

I woke up early with an ache in my ear and tooth; I'm sure I was clenching my teeth. I went back to sleep and woke up feeling the same, but it did go away shortly after I got up and moving. What did not go away was the pain in my super low back area. Well, crap, it's a "what the hell did I eat" day. And I'm thinking through yesterday, and I'm guessing it's the pistachios. Damn, that sucks. Maybe it's not. But I can't figure out what else.

Like other members of the Anacardiaceae family (which includes poison ivy, sumac, mango, and cashew), pistachios contain urushiol, an irritant that can cause allergic reactions.

No cashews either? WTF. Will it be tree nuts next? It seems to me that I've eaten both without issue in the past, but maybe I was sick for so long that I didn't realize. I guess I'll stop eating pistachios and cashews for a while and maybe try again later. Damn. FML.

On the upside, I'm finally feeling better, although I don't think "it" came out yet.

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