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Monday, June 11, 2012

Trial extension update - month 12 edition

I met my care coordinator, L, for my appointments for Dr. M and Dr. G. First I filled out the quarterly questionnaires and signed the monthly monitoring check-in sheet. I also signed a consent form--the extension trial is being extended to 48 months instead of 36. I weighed in at 148--I'm gaining weight and I don't have to be happy about it, but apparently everyone thinks I look great.

I did the eye test with Dr. M. I was surprised that I was seeing a little better in the left eye than the right--that's unusual. He ran the usual tests with me. When I was standing with my feet together and my eyes closed, he asked if I knew I was moving. Um, yep, I'm trying not to laugh about it! He rechecked my reflexes when I had no or little reaction to the banging on my knees. He also redid the "cold" test on the tops of my feet and the vibration test on my left big toe. And *that* is how I know what's wrong with me, right?

Dr. G was running late, but L asked me if I knew someone named T. Yes, I had my infusions done the same time as him two and three years ago. She took me to see him; he was getting infused again. Eep! He's having a relapse--numbness. I've only had sporadic numbness; unfortunately, he was having that too. Dr. G said no worries but that won't keep me from worrying!

Dr. G commented on my disappearing--getting thinner--although we had this conversation last time I was in. He practically apologized for giving me thyroid disease and Graves disease. Huh, that surprised me a little. But he seems to feel that it's worth it since I haven't had a relapse in a couple years. L said she'll get my MRI results back to me faster than I've gotten them in the past.

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