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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rosy cheeks

I saw Dr. M for my chiropractic adjustments. He mentioned when I was done that I had rosy cheeks. I was pale this morning so I had to check. Yep, rosy cheeks!

and terrible thyroid hair
Next I was home to get the dogs and go to the vet for Teka's shots and Cassi's general check up, then back home to work.

Mick was home early so we could go across town to his niece's dance recital. I was easily annoyed by the self-absorbed people around us, but we made it through. The youngest kids went first, so I was surprised we stayed as long as we did. My SIL decided it was time to go when an older boy was doing ballet and was dressed traditionally. She thought his "package" showing was offensive. WTH.

No one had decided ahead of time where we were going and no one in the group lives out there, (why are all the recitals in Chandler anyway?) so we stood in the parking lot trying to figure out what was close. They seemed to think I know where everything is because we go out with friends in Chandler. Um, yeah, to BARS! Is that where you want to take your kids?

Mick got annoyed with me that I didn't know if I could eat at Applebees since that's where they finally decided to go. Well, his GPS told him the wrong location so we ended up going home instead of meeting them for dinner. As we drove home, I checked the menu. I hadn't added it to my "what I can eat at places" document because they have a separate document for every allergen they report on. After the man's anger (he says he wasn't angry) though, I went through them all and put together a list of terrible food I can eat if his family makes me go to Applebees. His parents apparently did NOT like it so I'm hopeful that won't happen.

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