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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Domos and dads and Depp

A friend of mine posts the funniest photos of domos with captions. I couldn't believe how large this domo is! He seems kind of angry about being stuck behind the glass with Spongbob's starfish friend.

I felt more bendy today than I have in quite a while. And I managed to get some decent (for me) bowling scores. Yes, I'm back to left-handed bowling.

141 isn't my high score, but close!
After bowling, we went with friends to Arriba so I could eat before going out with family. I had fajitas and brought my own chips to go with the salsa. We left and met family at Red Lobster. I know that sounds a little crazy but I literally cannot eat anything at (as my friend J calls it) Dead Lobster. When I looked at their allergen menu, I realized that they must get all their food pre-prepared and it's all cooked in soybean oil. That's quite a bummer because this part of the family LOVES Red Lobster for every occasion. We tried to reassure them that it was fine, we were there for the company, don't worry about the food part of it. We'll see what happens next time. I was kind of impressed that my husband ate with me at Arriba and just had a drink at Red Lobster. I thought it was pretty cool of him to stand by me that way, even if he was just eating what he wanted.

We watched part of Rango after lunch/dinner. I thought it was pretty cute. Depp makes a good cartoon character. It seems like a really good kid movie.

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