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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And two hours later

This morning, I was going through my normal morning routine, and suddenly HAD to go to the bathroom. Fastest shit in the west, y'all. There's a gun trophy for that or something, right? Whatever made me sick the other day is gone now and I feel so much better.

Because of my recent hair loss and my eye problems due to Graves disease, combined with the lack of treatment for said disease--although I'm being treated with medicine for the associated hyperthyroidism--I decided to go see my naturopathic doctor. I haven't seen Dr. H in a couple months, so there were new students. They asked lots of questions, and Dr. H came in to check on what was happening, and then they asked me more questions.
I forgot (of course) to take the lab results from my last couple tests with me although I have my copies on my desk for this purpose; they are ordering copies. We discussed my overall diet briefly and I mentioned no sugar or alcohol while I'm doing the Celiac Care kit and getting rid of yeast (Candida?) in my body. It sounded like the student, K, thought that I was using something they offer but I'm not aware of them offering anything similar. I directed him to the website for the Nourish Celiac Care kit but it doesn't have specifics. He asked about probiotics; yes I take them, AND they are part of the kit, AND I'm trying to keep some yogurt in my diet (nearly impossible with the dairy AND sugar restriction).
The students conferred with the doctor and came back with recommendations. They added two supplements to my list: milk thistle capsules for liver function and lemon balm tincture for thyroid function support.
Lemon balm is mentioned in the scientific journal Endocrinology, where it is explained that Melissa officinalis exhibits antithyrotropic activity, inhibiting TSH from attaching to TSH receptors, hence making it of possible use in the treatment of Graves' disease or hyperthyroidism. (Note that the effects of lemon balm on hypothyroidism appear to be different, so it should probably not be used in that case.)
They also recommended an increase in antioxidants in my diet by eating vegetables (since I'm not eating fruit right now) of different colors.
****Dead silence****

Rrreeeaaally. Really? Really. Make that a moment of silence for common sense. I guess I don't eat enough vegetables, maybe, perhaps, but c'mon.

I got one at the medicinary for upcoming overnight travel, but I'm unsure what to eat it with since I'm not eating fruit.
My visit took over two hours; I also had to check out, schedule the next appointment, and get my recommended items from the medicinary. I never mentioned the hair loss issue, although I thought about it on the way there and while they were out of the room. I'm seeing different students for my follow-up visit in a couple weeks. At least that appointment is after my appointment with Dr. M at the same location. I hope that whole session is two hours.

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