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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Taller. And betterest.

Two students were ready for me today; one "JM" I had met before and the other "L" was new. In addition, when Dr. M came in, he had another student who was joining. She appeared to be much earlier in her education, just finding out what he was doing, so she wasn't on the rotation yet.

He referred to the activator as his pogo stick and demonstrated it on the newbie. It's interesting to hear the conversation but I have trouble remembering specifics to report here! While I was face-up, he found a spot on my face and had JM hold her finger on that point while he moved on to other adjustments. He moves my feet while I'm face-down and determines how certain adjustments need to be made.

There were some adjustments for, and associated discussion about, my pelvic area as well as the spine. It took a lot of adjustments around the head and neck before I had no pulling or discomfort when moving my head or arms as instructed. He would ask about how it felt and once commented about trying for betterest. Yeah, he made that up. I'm okay with that.

When we were done, he stopped me and said that I really am getting better. I agree. It's weird, because I don't feel great all the time, but I think I can see the difference in the adjustments. And I think I recover more quickly. And I got further through the day before I was sore. But I think he was really trying to tell me that he is not one of those doctors (all the ones I've seen) who have done nothing for me and told me they couldn't help me. He had mentioned to the newbie how some doctors talk about being "holistic" but they don't have either the time or the knowledge to do this thing that he does. He evaluates what needs to be done by touch and then adjusts somewhere else completely. It seems unrelated but I can feel the difference. I also don't realize some of the pain I have until he touches a spot, sometimes saying ouch or making a similar sound, and I realize that I'm tender or having pain, but wouldn't realize it.

Dr. M also said his number one priority for me is that I get enough sleep. He said it's more important than my diet or anything else. He is really trying to stress that I need to get enough sleep, and I don't and I'm going to struggle with how to actually increase my sleep.

Walking out to my car, I felt like I was walking like my friend J who has great posture. When I got in my car, I had to adjust my rear view mirror. I'm taller again!

After going into the office for a while, I met J for lunch at True Food. I love that place. I thought the Curry may have made me sick last time I had it but I wasn't sure if it was something else messing with me so asked if maybe there was sesame in it and the waiter said no, so I had the curry soup and the chicken panang--so I have a little leftover for breakfast. The food, the green ice tea, and the company--fantastic!

When I got home, I had an email from the Research center with my MRI results. The report I usually get showed that I had no change in my MRI from last year to this year.

1. Stable mild cortical atrophy.
2. Stable multifocal MS plaques....No new lesions have developed since the prior study and there is no evidence to suggest active demylination.
3. Stable mild mucosal thickening within the bilateral maxillary and ethmoid sinuses.

Okay, does that last one say what I think it does? I have a stuffed up type thing that goes on frequently; I've started associating it with my food allergy issues but they are looking at it in my MRI? Maybe I don't understand what it's saying....

The other report was something I don't think I've seen before. It included a Hematology Panel, Lymphocyte phenotyping, TSH (on a page by itself, was 1.97, expected to be in a range of .34-5.60), platelets, and urine/serum/creatinine labs. I don't even know what to look at here. I'm terrified that I should know more of this and I really don't want to do the work to figure it out. I've seen people post results of tests and thought, I have no idea what my results are or if that has been tested for me. What if this is important? What if it's not and I waste time researching it instead of sleeping? Okay, I'm going to bed.


  1. I thought you said semen and I had to start over. Hee hee, you had me rolling around and laughing over here, but it was just my brain! SERUM. Jeesh.

  2. LOL! My semen is about all they *aren't* testing! :D

    My FIL had more time to review the numbers and said:This sounds great! The only labs that are out of the normal ranges are your lower T-cell counts for CD3, CD4 and CD8 Lymphocyte cells.
    I guess that is all part of your treatment to lower your immune system." Yep, that sounds about right--that was why they wouldn't let me eat sushi or undercooked meat for a while after the infusions, but maybe the numbers aren't ever going to be normal.