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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Agility Fun Run

I bought this sunbutter recently, and finally decided to try it with some apple slices. It wasn't terrible but it's not peanut butter. The only ingredient is sunflower seeds. I think I'll keep it for smoothies but I can't see using it a lot for straight on eating.

I decided to go to one of the summer fun runs since it was so nice outside last night. I got there early, set the girls in a kennel and helped set up the course. My friend A was "in charge" and walked through the course for the novice handlers, but also gave some guidance for the excellent course. Last week, they had a skill builder class for working without commands or verbal cues. I know Teka prefers less arm motion and verbal cues but it doesn't always work--I can't always be silent, especially if she's not paying attention to me and my body language.

So we start at the 1 jump to a tire jump to the A-frame, front cross (hard to do with my girls after an A-frame) to a jump, U-turning to a chute. A had mentioned accelerating to the weaves, which worked for Cassi, but Teka didn't make it through and I ended up doing the novice (6) weaves that were set up on the outside of the regular (12) weaves. Then we were moving on to the 7 jump, to 8, and U turning to the 9. Teka missed the turning part but I was told it was her, not me.

She got her teeters just fine; since Cassi was getting hers pretty good, I treated them at the end. From there, I did a front cross one time and not the other, heading to the tunnel. I remembered to keep my arm up to keep her out over the jump. The dog walk was easy for Teka, but Cassi actually fell off and landed on the tunnel, scrambling off and around to me. I know I'm not supposed to freak out, so I just got her set up to go again and we did the dog walk.

From the dog walk, we did the triple the 16 jump to the 17. Some people did front crosses between but I wasn't in the right place, so I did a switch to the 18. They both got it really well. I front crossed as she came out of the tunnel and went over the last jump.

I was able to talk to A for a moment. She said that she could see it on the other contact obstacles (A-frame and teeter) as well as the dog walk that Cassi's back end is going out on her. Oh, I'm so sad! She didn't think I should do any contacts with her anymore, and should probably move her to a lower jump height as well, only to run in jumpers since the other courses have contact obstacles. Or I can retire Cassi completely, but I'm reluctant because she *likes* running agility.

We also briefly talked about Teka. She has so much fun and works with me in class--except those damn weaves. I'm going to register her in an upcoming weave class. She actually did the 6 weaves somewhat enthusiastically once she knew she didn't have to do the 12. That is so frustrating! What a mixed bag of emotions.

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