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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pain. Check. Brain. Check.

I thought I was starting to feel better yesterday, but I started to think it was getting worse last night. Then this morning, I was pretty sure it was getting worse. Oh, joy, a day of pain. Lovely. At least it wasn't super terrible pain.

When I talked to L at the research center to schedule my monitoring appointment, I asked if it was time for a MRI. After checking, she said yes, and got it scheduled for today. It's a couple hours out of my workday, but it has to be done. How else will I know if I still have a brain?

I've had at least five MRIs now. For the drug trial, they do a brain MRI and then the same thing with contrast dye. The contrast dye was shot into my vein, causing weird sensations in my leg and arm. Here's an excellent description of MRI from another person with MS:

"... they slide you into the tube in the same manner you’ve seen medical examiners push murdered bodies into coolers on crime shows and you vow to yourself that you will stop watching CSI. Just before the clicking and wiring, the buzzing and banging begin, you are alone with your breath. You focus, for a moment, on the mirror [on the cage above your eyes] and realize that you’d rather just close your eyes… and then you are alone. 100% Alone."

I've never had a mirror in the MRI, and I don't watch CSI, but that is pretty spot on.

This MRI seemed faster than I remember; some comments say that they have increased the speed, so there are complaints about missing our naps. I may have dozed off right at the end, but early on, I had this funny image. I've been at a couple presentations recently that showed this video:

and all I could think was that one of the sounds in the machine sounded like the video if you put it on super speed repeat. Then throw in some other really loud noises and, for good measure, some fast knocking:

I know you've always wondered. You're welcome.

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