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Monday, June 25, 2012

In one end, out the other

My womanly time started while we were traveling this weekend. And I ate out that one meal, Saturday night dinner. The I had D (aka the shits) most of Sunday. And today, more D. Do I blame the period? Do I blame the meal? Maybe the sesame in the hummus.

Was this afternoon's D the end of Sunday's bout or because I had lunch out with the ladies from the office? We went to Armadillo Grill. I have had the salmon in parchment with veggies, no rice, no sauce, in the past. They had a blackened basa fish on the menu, so I asked some questions, got to see the ingredients in the blackened seasoning, and felt comfortable ordering it. It arrived with broccoli and wild rice. I asked about ingredients and she brought the box of rice out for me. Well, shit, it contains soy and yeast. They "replated" with more broccoli to replace the rice. As I was almost done eating, I saw rice on the fish and didn't finish. I was gurgly by the time I got to the office. From that or would I have been anyway?

Also, I'm very hungry. Like every time I eat. I mean, I usually fill up when I eat, but then a couple hours later, I'm seriously hungry. And I don't even eat Chinese food! There's no snacks to be had at this point. I have literally run out of snacks to eat. I'm tired of planning what to eat so. damn. many. times. every. day. And these Celiacs think they have it rough. Well, yeah, they do, but it could be worse, right? They could be me.

Some of my most momentous blows to the face have come from my expectations:

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