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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Productive. I mean Produce.

I guess we can start with some pain issues. WTF. What am I eating that is messing me up so much? I did eat out yesterday but I had the panang at True Food which should be safe for me. Since I've been sick on and off, more or less one day bad, one day meh, maybe one day okay, then back to effin bad, I'm pretty sure it wasn't that. I don't know though--I don't know what I'm still eating that is sucking the will to live out of me. Or at least the will to do anything productive.

A lady I know sent me an email from another lady who had some extra collapsible dog bowls. I contacted her and she ended up having a bunch for me to pick up, so we dropped by on our way to run errands. As we left her house, I saw that they had a coupon in each one for Pet Club, our first errand. Sweet!

After Pet Club, we headed to Costco. We try not to go there on Saturday, but somehow that ends up being the only time we can go together. I was feeling somewhat okay but then, oh, so not. It was that "why are you walking, ouch, ouch" kind of pain. But you do what you have to do.

Someone has been telling me for a while that Costco has organic chicken but I've been to four or five locations and not found it yet. Until today! Yes, it's a little more expensive and we don't exclusively use organic, but I try to use some at least. We got some other things, but I said no when Mick asked me if we needed Food Saver bags. We got too many other things, and then headed home.

When we got home, I realized that the whole chickens were expired. And bad. Ew, gross. And that we should have got the Food Saver bags. Craptastic. So I headed back to return the chicken and buy some more chicken (all the other ones were fine, dated in the future!) and Food Saver bags. As I put everything away, I told Mick that I think we actually already have the bags, now that I see the box, but I don't know where. He found them on a shelf, so I guess we're well stocked for vacuum sealing.

The chicken was on before the corn
Mick recently got a rack to make chicken legs on the smoker so we bought legs at Costco. When we got home, he pulled a couple of ears of corn from the "farm" and I pulled my first eggplant and some parsley from the garden.

That's my eggplant!
I used a giant zucchini from the garden to make a recipe, Zucchini Cooked with Chermoula, from a cookbook "Recipes from Morocco" that was given to me a long time ago. It had a good flavor but it was very soupy and the zucchini cooked down too much and he wouldn't eat it at all and I wouldn't want to eat it again. The corn was either too early or didn't make it through the dust storm. And the chicken was just alright.
Meh. A lot of work for meh.

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