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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Back to the torture chamber

Yesterday afternoon, I was super hungry, so I had my mixed nuts. They were almost half and half cashews and almonds. I thought about the pistachio incident, and how cashews are related, so I hoped for the best and tried to remain aware to see what happened. Soon after I finished, I felt super full, almost a stomach ache; it was weird because I hadn't eaten a LOT, but I felt like I had eaten a big meal.

Soon after, I realized I had a little headache. The kind in the forehead, not my usual stress headache in the back of the skull and neck. Hmmm. I made it through class fine, didn't have pain, and made it home. I was feeling some tightness but I was running and standing around, so I didn't think too much of it and went to bed. This morning, I had the D, really emptied out, and felt better. Yep, pistachios and cashews are gone; mangoes too.

I went to see Dr. M for my adjustment in the afternoon. The student I saw a couple weeks ago talked with me first. She recently found out that there is cross-reactivity for mangoes and latex, but said if it didn't bother me not to worry about it. She mentioned that it's in stuff like clothing, but a lot of medical gloves are non-latex now.

J told Dr. M that I mentioned the numbness I have in a couple toes; I've had this for a couple decades (since my second back surgery) so I don't think of it as something treatable, but he did some adjustments on my feet (which he's done before) that seemed to be related. As he did that, my lower legs went tingly, and he did more adjustments, working his way up. He even did an adjustment on my forehead (with his finger, not the adjuster tool.)

While I was on my stomach, he talked with J and actually had her do some of the adjustments. It was interesting to listen but I couldn't repeat anything I heard at this point! Near the end of the adjustments, he has me move my head different ways and asks about what I am feeling, so he does additional adjustments.

When I left, I realized that my left mid-section was kind of numb. It actually seemed like the whole front mid-section was a little numb when I was driving home from work later. For just a moment, I wondered if it was an MS thing. Now it's just the left side. Hmm.

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