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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend - where have you gone edition

Whatever made me sick yesterday came out this morning and that made me feel much better. Not all better, but a lot better. I had a lot of work to do around the house so I did what I could, including making something to take for lunches for a couple days. Spicy chicken sausage from Sprouts, with diced onion and red and yellow bell peppers, garlic, zucchini, kidney beans, marinara, sweet potatoes (cooked in another pan, scooped out and then the pasta cooked in the same water), and pasta.

And then it was time to go see family. I took the chicken from yesterday and some guacamole and Crinkle Kettle Chips (like Ruffles but gluten-free) we picked up at Costco. I had some of the grilled vegetables; I was assured they just had olive oil, salt and pepper. I did not have any of the rotisserie chicken they had; the label included sugar. Actually, besides the sugar, it looked okay, but since I'm trying to not have sugar...and I brought chicken....

I swam and played with the kids. We finally got Cassi in long enough to get wet, and then got Teka to swim a little. I also had some watermelon; the dogs did too. In fact, they seem kind of obsessed with having more watermelon. I wasn't sure I'm allowed watermelon, but I had a piece.

When we got home I had a couple of  vegetarian stuffed grape leaves that we got at Costco; they were very good and I had some marcona almonds for some crunch. I also had a little snack of apple slices and cashew butter. I picked the cashew butter up at Fresh & Easy--no sugar, just cashews and oil--I poured some off before stirring.

I stayed up talking to my brother, and realized that I was either still not feeling well or not feeling well again. WTF. Is it my fault because I had watermelon, or an apple, or grilled vegetables, or something else...?

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