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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Greek-ish chicken

I had previously made some wild rice (Fresh & Easy) with cranberries and almond slivers, so I made it with raisins and some more almond slivers tonight to go with this recipe, Greek Chicken with Capers, Raisins, and Feta. The photo in "the best of Cooking Light everyday favorites" included sides of rice (or maybe couscous?) and zucchini so I added zucchini and red bell peppers to mine. I thought it was good; the chicken was moist and had that almost breaded quality like all the chicken at Buca di Beppo that I can't have anymore. But Mick didn't really like it, so it's not a repeater. Also, I realized after I made it (and now have leftovers to eat) that I probably am not supposed to be eating raisins.

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