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Friday, March 23, 2012

Shrimp and "ice cream"

I saw on Twitter that Whole Foods was going to have shrimp on sale today only, so I made plans to go at lunch.  I picked up a half pound, checked out the barbecue sauce (decided not to get it since I can make it, but am I really going to have time to make it?), and hit the frozen section to find coconut milk ice cream.  They had so many flavors, so I limited myself to an obnoxiously high number.  I checked out several other things that I didn't buy, except for the habanero marmalade I haven't seen anywhere else.

I also checked out the cilantro dip, and wrote down the ingredients so I can play with it at home to see if I can make it since I have so much cilantro.  (Is that wrong?)  Then I went through the prepared food and got some pineapple curry rice and portabello mushroom "pizzas" that did not have cheese.  Good lunch ideas but I'm not sure I loved either one.

When I got home, I was so exhausted from working late and driving home, but I had to make the shrimp since they couldn't be refrozen.  I cleaned them and made a recipe from my Paleo gluten-free cookbook.  Mick had something else but I gave him a little and he thought it was okay.  I thought it would be really good with (rice) pasta.  Of course, parmesan cheese would make it awesometastic, but that's not for me.  It was a lot of work so I'm not sure if I'll do it again, or maybe I'll cheat and use frozen deveined (those are always cooked, right?) shrimp and try it again.

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