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Friday, March 30, 2012

Season's 52 revisited

My friend, B, was off work today, so we met for lunch.  She chose Season's 52 at the Biltmore.  When I arrived, she had a menu, and I got a gluten-free menu and a dairy-free menu from the hostess.  We were a little excited when she said they had green ice tea until we realized that they don't brew it, they have bottles.  And the bottles are either "naturally sweetened" or sweetened with Stevia; there was no unsweetened option, so we got regular black ice tea.

I decided on the steelhead trout special, which the waitress said was similar to salmon.  She had them substitute broccoli for the edamame in the rice, which also had little tomatoes.  I thought I should have more veggies, so I ordered a salad to start.  She came back with oil and vinegar since all of the dressings are off limits to me, but she didn't know when I ordered.  I'm certain I had a salad last time I was here.  *sigh*  I thought the fish with rice was very good, the salad was okay.

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