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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Barbecue and Beer

We were going to be in Tempe getting our taxes done, so we asked some friends if they wanted to get together.  One suggested the barbecue festival in Chandler so we met there.  Although it is billed as a family event, it is so NOT a family event.  There are kids' areas, but they are near the stages, and the bands are not kid appropriate.  In addition, the crowd was the type that I would have felt totally comfortable wearing my Fuck My Life tank top.  By the way, the lettering on that tank top is made of something toxic, I'm pretty sure.  As many times as I've washed it (I wear it for pajamas), it still stinks.

I was able to drink wine there but I did confirm with the whiskey booth that whiskey and bourbon are made of rye, so they are off my can-do list.  No free shots for me!  I had some grilled corn, without the butter (which makes it a little harder to get the salt and pepper to stick); I thought it was good and look forward to having some at home.

Mick was on a mission to check out all the spices and barbecue sauces while we were there.  We bought some spices, which appear safe for me, as well as some sauce that appears to not be safe for me.  We ate at a Texas barbecue truck that had a huge smoker going.  I got the sampler so there wouldn't be any sides (that I couldn't eat); I ended up with some pulled pork, brisket, and a rib.  I talked to the lady and she assured me her sauce was safe--and it seems to be.

I also got some kettle corn to share--and to take home!

When we left there, we went to a pub nearby.  Some of our friends left, and then I took the drunks to San Tan Brewery to get some food--in me and in them.  I checked out the menu and thought the chonchita pork pibil would probably work.  As I explained my issues to the waitress, my husband mentioned the egg allergy.  I couldn't imagine that they would have egg in the pork pibil because it sounds so aweseme, but if it wasn't safe for another reason, that could be important.

The manager came over to let me know that they didn't have anything safe for me on their menu because there are eggs in the pork pibil.  WTF!  Why?!  Then he said that if I let them know early in the day that I'll be coming in, they would be able to prep something for me.  That's a great offer, but I don't think I have ever been there with pre-planning.  So I had a Trio bar and water before we headed home with my kettle corn.

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