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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stand in your power

I almost forgot that I had an appointment for Dr. H scheduled--it never made it onto any of my calendars.  Oops.  Fortunately, the only meeting I had during that time was moveable.

I arrived on time and a substitute student greeted me; my current student was getting an IV for dehydration.  The temp got my vitals and went through a lot of questions to update my file on my condition.  She asked about my diet and drinking (no judgement) and energy.

Dr. H came in and they discussed my energy level (best in a long time!) and stress (yep, there's a little!) and diet.  I mentioned that my improved energy, combined with my angry cleaning, even has my husband noticing my improved energy.  So we ended up talking about boundaries (and some peoples' lack of said boundaries) and standing up for myself and being empowered.  I'm a married woman so I know that compromise is a part of life.  At the same time, some things are important enough that I have, and I should, make them a priority.  At the risk of pissing someone off, I have to make choices that are best for me.  But I really hate pissing off people in my inner circle, as Dr. H called it.  As Sloane said in Allergic Girl, "Sometimes it's family that can be the most rigid and least understanding about your needs."

Dr. H was concerned that the quinoa was not gluten-free, maybe it was contaminated.  (I have since checked the box and it says gluten-free.)  The big concern was that I get enough protein and good fats.  I thought I was doing okay but I know I'm struggling a little.  The doctor and student recommended I eat proteins, more considered lunch or dinner food, for breakfast.  Eating fish or chicken in the morning just seems weird to me, although I love a piece of fried chicken and mashed potatoes or some leftover spaghetti with meat sauce for breakfast.  So they suggested that I make chicken salad, with fruit and nuts and my special mayo.  Hmm, maybe.

The student also spent some time going through my schedule.  The purpose, I found out, was to find areas of time when I can make batches of ingredients or cook batch food.  Obviously, I have a ridiculous schedule, as even she had trouble making a suggestion.  I didn't have the heart to tell her that her suggested Friday night batching was unlikely since I work late on Fridays unless we have plans with friends.  I understand the concept of batching, I just never quite get around to it in more than an extra day's worth of food or ingredients.  It's on my should list, though.

The other doctor came in a little after Dr. H left and restated several of the previous comments, that I looked like I was feeling very well, and that she wanted to make sure that the student emailed all of the information to me--that they should make it as easy as possible for me.  When she left, she took the student with her for a moment.  The student returned and told me how amazed they all were at my progress in such a short time.

Both doctors and the student reminded me that they want me to see Dr. M, the gentle chiropractor there.  He actually does the work and the students just observe.  On my way out, I made an appointment (for April!) with him instead of making an appointment with Dr. H.  She wants to see me every week or two, but I'm not sure what I am getting at this point besides a little therapy session and validation that I'm on the right path.

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