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Monday, March 5, 2012

Slice of Sicily

My friend, B, is off this week during spring break so we met for lunch at Slice of Sicily.  We know Donna, the owner, and she makes accomodation for me and my special diet.  Everyone I go with gets the pizza specials, but I get one of the chicken dinners.  She brings me an extra large salad, and then I get the chicken (something like cacciatore) with no flour and no cheese, and she boxes the spaghetti and garlic bread for B to take home.  I forgot to tell her no cheese today, so we scraped it off, but it was my fault, not hers.  As always, it was very good.  She told me today that if I bring gluten-free pasta in an unopened package, her chef will cook it for me in a separate pan.  It seems like I get a lot of food, but it would be fantastic to add pasta and then be able to take some leftovers!  That is just as awesome as service can get right there.

I have to share: B has a teenage son.  His dad was picking him up and was surprised B hadn't gotten the kid ready.  (He's almost an adult, at least in age.)  So dad went to get coffee while the son got ready to go.  Son could not find his shoes, so he looked under the bed.  B came into his room and found him asleep.  Under the bed.  Snoring.  The shoes were in his hamper.

Update: So a couple of times, I've been told that I can just take something off my meal and it won't be a big deal.  After today, I think that is not true.  I felt fine this morning, not so much tonight.

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