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Monday, March 26, 2012

Eating gluten-free. Um, allergy-free. Allergen-free?

I needed to get out of the office, and dry cleaner was back on my errand list, so I went to Babbo to sit at the counter and have lunch.  My waiter "knows" me, so he confirmed no bread, and once I decided on the chicken blackboard lunch with the pesto primavera, he confirmed no pesto, no cheese, mista salad, no cheese.  I love it--great service and healthy, filling food.

I noticed a lady sit a couple seats down and request no bread.  She ordered the portabella blackboard lunch with another topping, and the mista salad.  Then I noticed that she was taking all the cheese off the salad.  I asked if she was gluten-free and she said yes, and vegan.  (Obviously not for the "oh, the animals" reason since she's not reducing the amount of cheese being used, right?)  She said she didn't realize that she could ask for the salad with no cheese until she saw me do it.  Wow, I ask all kinds of craziness, don't I?  I introduced myself and talked to her briefly and, before I left, we exchanged contact information.  I may have made a new lunch friend.

I was on my own for dinner so I cooked a piece of ono that I had thawed, and made a quick tomatillo sauce for it.  My basic recipe: 2 or 3 tomatillos, a tomato, some cilantro, some cumin, salt and pepper, and fresh lime juice, about half a juicy lime all go into a food processor until well blended.  I have also made this with tomatillos, salsa, and cilantro and think that an avocado can be added.

My online friend (friend of my friend T) gave me some new information for eating out.  She had edamame (which I can't eat anyway) at Arcadia Tavern and now she's feeling sick.  Apparently, they warm the edamame in the pasta water.  She found out when she found a noodle in the bottom of the bowl.  Someone else mentioned that California Pizza Kitchen boils the broccoli in the pasta water.

I bought several pints of coconut milk ice cream the other day at Whole Foods.  I'm having trouble controlling myself so I might have to stop buying it.  But I can't wait to try the new Almond Milk ice cream.

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