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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Old Pueblo

After bowling (not terribly--my average was over 100), we went to the Litchfield Park Culinary and Art Festival.  It was more art than culinary.  When we found the food area, it was like fair food so I thought I wouldn't be able to eat.  My husband got annoyed with me because, when someone said they thought I might be able to eat gyros, I said I didn't think so, so he thought I was being negative.  I thought I was being honest, not hangry at all.  On the other side, there was a place with Greek food and I thought I might be able to have the chicken plate, but everyone had decided to move on.

We went to a restaurant, Old Pueblo, and we sat at a table on the large patio area.  I had sangria (questionable margaritas) and corn tortillas with my own bowl of salsa, followed by tacos, rice and beans.  I ate as much as I could--too much--it was so good.

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