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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I needed to take my car in for maintenance, so my friend, K, picked me up for lunch.  We decided to go to Macayo's.  I asked if they had a gluten-free menu or allergen menu, and was excited to find out that they do have a gluten-free menu.  The hostess also brought me a weird allergen sheet of paper that listed all the allergens, but not what they are in, except for under eggs, they listed chili relleno.  No shit, sherlock.  But you don't have anything you'd like to list under, let's say, dairy?

At our request, the waitress checked whether the chips have a designated fryer and they don't--when they are busy, they use the chip fryers for other food.  They make all their margaritas with sweet and sour, so I had ice tea.  (It is a workday, so maybe I wouldn't have had one anyway, but I had to ask!)

I decided that the salmon tacos or salmon meal would be my best option, so I asked about the seasoning on the salmon, if she could check if there is soy or yeast maybe.  She came back and says (I shit you not, these are her exact words) "you can't have the seasoning; it has wheat in it."  WTF?  W! T! F!  It's on the gluten-free menu!  Why does it have wheat in it?  Most people wouldn't ask because they aren't worried about anything but the gluten/wheat.  I'm just flabbergasted.  I got it without seasoning, a side of salsa, and it was fine.  But seriously, wtf.

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