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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fiesta Cluster AKC Agility Trial

Cassi ran her Excellent A Standard course first.  Coming off the dog walk was a flip into a tunnel, but she saw the teeter in the other direction and took a little detour; fortunately, she did not make it to the teeter so there was no fault.  Later she saw a little crowd and started to go in that direction but I was able to get her back.  On the table, she curled her lip a little and looked at the judge.  The judge almost laughed while she was counting.  My girl is such goofball.  We ran a clean run and ended up under time, so she got her Q!

Teka's first course was Open FAST.  This course was made for her.  She got her send bonus (when I stay on one side of the line and she does the obstacles on the other side); unfortunately, she shut down right afterwards because she thought she messed up by passing the teeter.  But in FAST, you can't mess up except for on the send bonus.  She did some things and skipped others, and ended up 5 points short and over time.  She almost did the frame which would have put her over on the points but I think the time still would have got her.

Next was Cassi's Excellent A Jumpers Course.  I did a 2 jump lead out and managed to get my crosses in where I wanted them, even the rear cross at #19.  We got another clean run and she really seemed to be having fun; Q!

We had some time before our next set of runs.  I think it was too much for Cassi.  By the time she ran Excellent A FAST, she was tired.  She barely trotted onto the course, but we gave it a try.  This was the most ridiculous FAST course I have ever seen.  You essentially have to run into the teeter to direct her to the tunnel, and then run into the A-frame to get her over the last jump of the send bonus.  She had a lot of trouble with the tunnel, so we were doing terribly on time, so we just finished without getting all the points.

Teka's next course was Open Jumpers.  We did the same 2 jump lead out.  She was working with me but missed her weave entry.  Then she managed to run right up to a double jump and I couldn't get her to back up so she knocked the bar.  We finished the course but the second fault kept her from getting a Q.

Her last course was Open Standard.  She started out okay but I lost her pretty quickly.  I had to walk her from the dog walk to flip into the tunnel, but I thought I might be able to get her through it.  Unfortunately, she got stressed out and pooped before she even got to the table.  It really makes me think that I should just give up on Teka.  But my friend A just got her MACH with her dog and she said she almost gave up on him but they work really well as a team now.  I thought about moving Teka to Preferred jump height (lower) so that it would be easier, but my husband doesn't think that will help her attitude (in public) and I'm not sure I can disagree.  I just can't decide what to do with her.

Cassi got first place for both Q's

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