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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Agility Fun Run

I took Cassi and Teka to an indoor fun run.  I ran them around outside a little first, which made me hot and sweaty, so it seemed hot inside too, although it was a little cooler than outside.

We ran the standard course first.  It started with jumps, one on my right, then to my left, and then again to the left.  I called wrap a little late for Cassi's giant stride, but then we headed the other way for a jump and another in a row, but out to the left, so I had to turn my shoulders as I ran straight to the A-frame.  That led to the tunnel, after which I used kind of a false front cross to go out to the next jump and around to the teeter, which led to the weaves.  I tried sending Teka over the next jump (the starting jump) and a wrap, into the tunnel, but had to cross over to the tunnel side to keep her off the dog walk, while Cassi was fine with me being in front of or to the left of the dog walk.  Coming out of the tunnel, we got a tiny break on the (short) table, then I used "with me, out" for the perpendicular jump, around to the next jump, to the dog walk. Coming off the dog walk was a weird angle to the tunnel entrance--not the entrance right next to it but the other end.  Coming out of the tunnel, she went over the second jump, the fourth jump, wrap (call early!) and end on the third jump.  We did very well but I have to (always!) work on early calls (earlier for Cassi than Teka) without calling her off the current jump, and watching my shoulders.

Next, we had a jumpers course.  It started with a chute to the weaves, a u-turn to a jump, wrap to a broad jump, right turn to a jump*, right turn again (front cross for me), u-turn to a jump**, right turn to a jump (front cross for me), out to a jump, back over ** jump, into a tunnel.  When she was coming out of the tunnel, I needed to cross so she was on my left, so that as she went over the *jump, she would wrap back to the same tunnel (without going into the near entrance).  I did it the first time the wrong way and Cassi's momentum was sending her straight out instead of wrapping, so she backjumped.  Coming out of the tunnel this time, we went over the ** jump to a triple jump that was a little left-set so I had to rear cross as she went over the triple to the next jump that was right set.  This led to a uturn into the weaves.  Cassi's jump stride is so big that she had no issue with the entry, but I had to pull Teka around a little by front crossing, putting me on the left side of the weaves, where I was on the right for Cassi.  Coming out of the weaves, the first jump we had was there but NOT to be taken, so I front crossed Teka and gave her an out-tunnel.

We were running at trial height, 24 inches for her and 16 inches for Teka.  The 20 inch dogs were running opposite us, so I couldn't have run her at 20.  The jumpers course was Cassi's third run, and I could tell she was slowing down, so for the last run, I was going to run her at 16 instead.  However, she went through the chute slowly and then entered the weaves, but came out and walked next to them.  So I gave her a break and pulled her off the course.  I think that she may not be able to run the third run at trials now.  Unfortunately, in many cases, we don't know what order the runs will be in until after entering, so it's hard to determine which 2 of the 3 to enter her, since she'll typically do better earlier in the day.

Teka did pretty well until later, too.  I think she may have become stressed out.  Another handler fell and injured herself, and when someone else was putting the small dog into it's kennel, it bit her pretty bad.  All of this drama was almost right in front of Teka's kennel.  So her last run wasn't great, but I thought she was still trying to work with me, she just seemed a little clingy.  I'd like to enter her in a trial there, and the lady in charge of entries told me that she thinks they are going to fill up before the deadline, but I want to wait until after this coming outdoor trial to determine if I will enter Teka.

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