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Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patty's Day

We went to field training with the Vizsla club and, while it lasted most of the day, we were done earlier than usual.  Both Cassi and Teka were able to run; Teka ran by herself.

Once we were done, we headed home to take showers and get ready to party.  As usual, I tried on a half a dozen things before I was ready to go.  We headed to our friends' house for a St. Patrick's Day party.

My friend, K, was awesome about providing safe food and drink for me while providing not-safe food and drink for everyone else.  Beer for everyone; (strong!) bahama mamas for me.  There was corned beef, of course, but she made a special recipe soda bread for me.  The best part is that everyone who tried it liked it as much or more than the other soda bread!  And I got to take some home with me.  A parting gift!

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