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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yeast anxiety

I have been wondering, do I have this giant "baby bump" because I gained weight or because I'm bloated? I'm watching some g/f writers talk about how they look pregnant after being glutened (and the pictures document this is true.) But I'm pretty sure I'm not being glutened, so is it a reaction to something else? (Okay, do I need to be paranoid? Am I being glutened?)

A couple of weeks ago at the Gluten free expo, I got that bouillon sample that got me wondering again about what yeast I can or can't have. My allergy test says no bakers or brewers yeast. I'm pretty sure that survey says no yeast extract or torula yeast. I'm completely confused about nutritional yeast but have been told very definitely/definitively that it's okay.

So what are all the things that might have bakers or brewers yeast in the process and/or ingredients? Obviously the commonly known things like bread and beer. Wine, grain alcohol, and apple cider vinegar? Vanilla extract? Sake? Sauerkraut?


Listen, I know I "look fine." I'm not trying to say that I'm overweight or fat. But I dress to cover up this thing that looks a whole lot like the photos my 17 year old niece keeps posting of her baby bump. (OMFG, WTF. Why do people post daily "selfies" and why, oh why, do people post photos of their naked belly? But I digress...)

I have several dresses I bought and haven't worn (and a couple I didn't buy this past weekend) because all I can see is this thing protruding into the room, getting everywhere before I do. I keep rationalizing that I'm bloated but my period was last week. It's too often but it's not all month, okay.

Do I accept that I have to "diet" to get rid of this thing? Or am I constantly eating something that I think is okay but it's not? Do I have to be more strict? No grains? No nuts? No legumes? No nightshades? No sugar? No fruit? What?!

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