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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Failed cinnamon rolls

I picked up that Chebe cinnamon roll mix at the Expo. I tried making it today.

FAIL! I think I should retry and use a mixer instead of hand mixing. And I need a rolling pin. It was really disheartening to spend the time making these and then have nothing to eat.

So I made bacon and a smoothie.

Then we went to the Vizsla club event. They made a special meal for me and even brought some fruit for dessert. I was really disappointed that they only had beer and wine, no well drinks. Not that I have to have a drink but I was expecting that I could have a drink (and they sold me a drink ticket for a well drink--I got a refund.) I got a neat pheasant dish and quail napkin rings in the silent auction. And we got a VIP back for our volunteering--it included shirts and hats and drink glasses that are really nice.

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