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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Series of labs

I got a jury duty notice recently. Mick knows how scattered I've been so he asked me until I responded to my notice. I got it on the calendar. And then I couldn't find it. Then I found it slid between a couple pieces of mail I needed to do other things with. Whew!

The jury duty date is the next appointment I have scheduled with the endocrinologist, so I called to reschedule. They moved it up but I still had to get my "final" lab work done today or tomorrow. Since I have another appointment tomorrow morning, today was the day. I was preoccupied yesterday with gathering and confirming my tax info for the appointment with my accountant so it wasn't until this morning that I realized I left my lab order at the office.

I had made an appointment for the labs so I went and she said they could fax the order so I called. The woman on the phone at my endocrinologist office was kind of pissy with me and I thought she was saying she wouldn't help me. Until I said I'd have to reschedule then. Done.

The lady who almost always takes my blood for my fasting test noticed that I had my thyroid taken out. I think that's the first time I've gone out without my scarf and had someone notice. It makes sense that she would but I almost forgot that I wasn't wearing a scarf. I like her; she never tells me she is going to stick me. (I have shy veins sometimes so they hide if you warn them!)

As my reward for not being pissy back or whatever, I went to Ground Control for a vanilla almond milk latte. Yum! I need an espresso machine!

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