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Friday, April 26, 2013

Grocery Shopping: Whole Foods edition

Mick thinks I'm crazy but I took this photo for you.

It doesn't include everything--like the purple asparagus, Earth Balance soy-free mayo, and almond milk. I always check out the local stuff and bought some honey and prickly pear syrup. I found the coconut aminos I recently ran out of. OThe Theo chocolate bars were on sale. I found the Mimic Creme that I've heard of (I'm looking for the whipped cream instead of the creamer though), and another flavor of instant oatmeal--strawberry, and eggless marshmallows. I was looking for the chili flavor Way Better chips; they had other Way Better chips but not those. And then I saw these Garden of Eden Pico de Gallo chips--the second flavored chips I found without yeast! I hope they are awesome.

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