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Friday, April 19, 2013

Technology, Soup, and Bunco

I don't talk about my finances much here, and I don't plan to lay it all out, but I know I'm a contradiction. I'm a saver but also a spender on lots of little things; my husband Mick just spends on the big things it seems. I'm on top of and in charge of our bills but he set a lot of our services up so I can't always take charge. I recently automated a bunch of payments because I missed a few here and there when I was really busy, stressed, overwhelmed and/or under the weather.

I get a check each month for my drug trial visits, and of course we get the random check for rebates or when my work reimburses me for amounts larger than petty cash. I usually stop by my bank to deposit them when I can.

We are saving for our backyard landscaping projects. I had a money market account with a mutual fund company, but with interest rates so low and our project so big (and needing a long amount of time to save for it), I left a small amount for emergencies and transferred the rest to a higher interest savings account that takes a bit more time to access. We have a small amount automatically transferred weekly to the account sand then I transfer larger amounts when they accumulate.

I heard that a lot of banks will deposit checks from the image so I checked my bank's app and it does not have that option. I didn't find it on the website either, although I didn't look very hard because I realized, if I'm going to deposit checks by image, why not skip the transfer from bank to savings and deposit directly.... As far as I can tell the savings institution does not have an app but their website allows uploading of images. I tried it today and it was super easy. I may never go to the bank again!

I made the Mama Rose's Green Chili soup with chicken. Mick ate some but didn't really like it. It was quite spicy so I was surprised. I saved it for tonight's Bunco group and took it in a crock pot. It was almost gone when the night was over. They liked it. So I can add another thing to the list of things I and others like that he won't eat. Sigh.

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