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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Summer Wardrobe Refresh

I always feel kind of weird when I make plans with one of my friends and then my husband has his helpers come over to do manual labor. When I'm leaving to have fun. It seems wrong. But I can't cancel my plans! They were just finishing up planting the grass as I left.

That is NOT a toy truck.

My friend J saw some yellow jeans at Ann Taylor that she said I have to have. I went shopping with my friend M after going to Nourish for lunch. She liked it but also doesn't like "weird" things like quinoa; I was surprised she said she really wants to take her husband.

Blue T and Hallmark scarf
We went to Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, and Banana Republic. It was exhausting. I have a complete yellow warddrobe, with some other bright colors and a little black. I had to leave some things since I still had a budget. M surprised me by buying a scarf for me that I wasn't even considering because it was too much. But it is a perfect match for all the yellow I bought. You'll see. :)

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