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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tax day is coming!

I like this one--comfy and cute.
This is the latest I've ever done my taxes. I go to a CPA; she's been doing my taxes forever now so I know it's quicker to have her do it and I also have someone to ask that one time a year when I need to ask a CPA something.

I keep a spreadsheet for my medical expenses. It's hard to track what I paid outright, what I got reimbursed from the FSA or HSA, what was excluded (they won't pay it--like the naturopaths), so I keep spreadsheets every year. With my thyroid surgery in December, I still had a lot of things being paid, reimbursed, etc, so I just got it close to wrapped up at the end of March.

I went to the CPA today and realized I missed something (yep, happens almost every year, just one thing.) This year, it was the income from the drug trial. You wouldn't think it was income--it's just gas money after all--but I get a tax form. Well, I didn't get one this year. The CPA thinks I was probably just under the amount that they send it but I still have to report it. So I have to get that info before the return can be filed.

The most annoying part to me is that I'd really want to file as early as possible because we get a refund. But this medical crap always drags me down.

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