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Friday, April 5, 2013

Boo for lunch

to work I go
Someone decided this audio program of half hour topics would be worthwhile for my work group to listen to, an hour at a time over about 10 sessions. Then someone decided that we would do it during lunch on Fridays. So of course, next, someone decided the company would provide lunch. (Way to watch expenses, whoo-hoo!)

sandals for errands
So each Friday "lunchtime learning" that is scheduled means that I need to bring lunch or go out early enough to pick up my own lunch. I generally feel okay about it since my lunch is better than the sandwiches or pizza they get. I bring some leftovers or I pick up Five Guys (bunless burger and fries) or Revo Burrito (chicken fajita rice bowl and salad). But I can admit that I'm trying to ignore the inconvenience, the unfairness, the left-out-edness (yes, I did just make that word up but you are welcome to use it) because it's also not fair to ask everyone else to change for me.

Today, I was planning a Five Guys run. Instead, I was invited to a conference call webinar for the hour before our lunch and another meeting right after. I delayed eating my breakfast so I wouldn't care about everyone eating. But as soon as I smelled the bread, the cheese sauce, my head was overruled by my grumbling stomach. I had an Uber roasted nut roll bar to hold me over. It was not satisfying as it usually is. Subs, chips with salsa and cheese sauce, cookies--I know in my head I'm better off but the rest of me is PISSED OFF.

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