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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Home show, version: too many

I started some black eye peas and cashews (separately) soaking Friday night to use on Saturday. I didn't get to either, so this morning, I tried to get a start before we were to leave for the Home Show.

I cut up some salt pork and put it in the pan with some onions and carrots, added the peas and some spices, using my new cookbook for a guideline. I added a couple cups of veggie stock and water to cover and got it to boiling before covering and reducing the heat.

I had a smoothie for breakfast using this Spectrum brand "Decadent" mix of chia, flax, coconut, and cocoa. It was pretty good with blackberries, almond milk, and hemp. I mixed in some Enjoy Life chocolate granola for some sweetness and crunch.

I let the peas cool while I got ready to leave, putting the whole pot in the fridge before leaving.

new YELLOW shorts and scarf
My husband Mick thought I should wear a hat and found a visor that matched my shorts. It was a freebie from MS Lifelines. I was surprised when someone called out to me about my hat at the Home Show. I ended up talking to a guy for several minutes. He had been on the board of the MS Society in Dallas; his dad died of MS at age 71. He had another relative with MS and his cousin now has it. He almost cried talking to me. O_O

I picked the brain of one of the Master Gardeners about my bugs--ants, pill bugs (roly polies), snails, slugs. Organic gardening is hard!

Mick and his parents ate lunch; I had a Kits Cliff Bar. I was really hungry when we left so when we got home, I had my black eye peas, after adding Applegate andouille sausage.

Later, I used the cashews that had been soaking, and strawberries previously picked from my garden, to make cheesecake. Mick was rushing me so I didn't make the crust. Also, I haven't bought a new spring form pan yet, so I decided to pour the mix into muffin pans. I covered the minis with Enjoy Life graham cracker cookie crumbs, so maybe they will flip out of the pan and have a little crust. Maybe.

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