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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekend update: Ahwatukee spots

What a weekend. No plans to all the plans happened so fast. I was asked to host our neighborhood bunco group so I did. I didn't really make anything, just served hummus and veggies and let everyone else bring stuff to share. We had 8 players and someone else came by to visit. Now I won't have to host for a long time. I was surprised no one asked to look around more. Some of them knew the previous home owners and others didn't. Anyway...

On Saturday, we went to Costco for all the usual things. However, I got a few things, let's say for my birthday. I got a red bamboo salad bowl, and ASU sweatshirt, and a new cookbook. They have a lot, at least a half dozen, of Paleo cookbooks at Costco (Sam's is slacking on that one.) I made Mick check out the cookbooks I thought I might be interested in and we agreed this one had the most recipes he (and I) would try.
Pre-birthday birthday gifts?
We met friends and friends of friends for dinner at a wine bar in Ahwatukee. They thought I'd be able to eat there but after he got my allergy card from the waitress, the chef came out and explained that it's a very small kitchen and the oven rotates so cross-contamination is likely to happen. He said he could make me a board with some substitutions but that was all. It's a couple kinds of meat with apricots, cranberries, radishes, cucumbers, carrots, oil and vinegar. Thank God for wine.
Since I couldn't eat an actual meal, we went to ZTejas next. H and I started with spicy skinny margaritas. They were too spicy for her but I liked it.

drink up
After receiving my allergy card from the waitress, the chef came out to clarify what he could custom make for me so I had fish with a crab topping and veggies. Pretty good actually but some rice or starch would be a good addition.
We went out to Sandbar after that for some fandancing. Fandancing, in case you don't know, is when a place has a giantnormous fan on the patio and you stand in front of it and dance. Or if you are crazy really fun, you act like you're in a rock video and do things like put your leg on the side while waving your mane of hair. Yeah, R's friends were really fun. It wasn't a super late night but a good time was had.
too bad that bottle is empty

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