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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Review me

My supervisor gave me some very positive feedback about how essential I am. It's such a great thing to hear after feeling so overwhelmed for so long. I'm still overwhelmed, but at least I know that my accomplishments and contributions for the team are appreciated.

Update: she also wrote her positive feedback for my file. And then someone higher up had to rain on my parade by bringing up my negotiated hours are less than the normal requirement. Even though I was over my negotiated number of hours this past year. WTF. No respect.

Update again: Someone else high up gave me some (almost giddy) positive feedback about a solution I implemented after identifying one of those annoying issues that most people ignore but I was finally too annoyed and came up with a plan, got it approved, implemented it, revised it and documented it. Cause that's I roll, y'all. Getting things done, biatches.

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