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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Salmon for his birthday

We had Mick's parents over for dinner to celebrate his birthday. I love that he no longer goes with their family standard, the Red Lobster dinner. Um, yeah, I feel a tiny bit bad that we don't get invited to the dinners anymore since I can't eat there, but I get over it when I realize that he doesn't care. By which I mean that he would rather do something for his birthday that doesn't leave me out. Whoo-hoo. Even if it means I do most of the work.

I started with some proscuitto wrapped honey rosemary figs. Figs from our garden of course. And I hope you didn't blink cause they are gone.

He's pretty excited about the fish he brought back from Alaska, so I made an old Cooking Light recipe using salmon and a sweet/spicy rub. (I can't find it online, and believe me I tried. This is why there will always be cookbooks.) This recipe always comes out yummy and today was no different.

I made a salad using a kale, collard, spinach, carrot mix and the Bragg's salad dressing I picked up at Whole Paycheck. It was great. (I've seen it at Sprouts now too.) I also made a box of Lundberg gluten-free pasta.

I had some zucchini and spaghetti squash from the garden so I added a jar of Trader Joe's artichoke antipasto. My MIL liked it so much she went back for more.


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