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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Five Guys AND a shake

I had to take my car back into Toyota to get a new radio installed. It had started acting up a few months ago but when I told them about it, they weren't able to duplicate it so they told me to "stop by when it's actually happening." I was able to do that last week when the display faded and the CD spat out when I changed radio stations. So I got a new radio under warranty.
top display is unreadable!
I told Mick that if he wasn't busy, he could pick me up for lunch so he let me know he was coming and then he showed up with a couple of guys from work who I know. We went to Five Guys. They were done eating so fast so I wrapped up my fries to take with me so I didn't hold them up. Plus, my car was ready faster than expected.

I made a smoothie that was supposed to be similar to a Frosty. I have to substitute out the banana so I don't know how much that affects it but it was similar-ish. I think it needs some work though it is good.

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