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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The only freak

I haven't been to a Freaks at the Table meeting recently. The ast one was so small and the one before had people who were there soliciting business (IMO) and it's so far that it really is more than inconvenient and it ends so late. On the upside: dinner! Fantastic dinner! Sometimes dessert! Yummy dessert!

My sunglasses were ready at Sam's Club. Totally inconvenient. I can't believe the one by my house didn't have the same frames. Since I would be all the way over/up there, I decided to go to a meeting. It gave me an extra excuse to skip my husband's work happy hour at one of my least favorite places. (But I would have gone for the people. Maybe. By the time I get all the way over there, most everyone is gone.)

So I signed up and went. And no one else was there. Not even the organizer. And the chef who usually visits and chats was running a class that night. Okay, don't have the meeting anc classes on the same night, and if you aren't getting attendance, let's say because it's summer perhaps, maybe cancel some meetings.

I had dinner at the reserved table. By myself. I treated myself so I wouldn't find it all overwhelmingly depressing. (I'm not sure yet how that worked out.) I thought aboug having a drink but it quickly got too complicated. They use organic (wheat derived, but hey, it's gluten-free, y'all) vodka as the default in the mixed drinks but I could sub out to a potato vodka. But then there was something else unsafe they could leave out of each drink I asked about. But each one was a liquor that was the flavor of the drink. Um, yeah, I'll have water.

I had spring rolls (new/temporarily on the menu) which were good but looked like I imagine mine would look if I ever got around to trying to make them. The sauce was fantastic. I gathered it had at least coconut aminos and cashews, I think.
Spring rolls and crack sauce
Then I had my usual chicken teriyaki rice bowl, but took half to go for lunch tomorrow. Gotta save room for dessert!
I've had this before and it is still super yummy: chocolate torte. When I got home, I ate it all. She gave it to me in a to go container so I took it home as it was quite late; service had been slow and hadn't even really started until they figured I wasn't getting any joiners.
heaven chocolate torte
I feel like I've been a mole in a whack-a-mole game. Goodnight.

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