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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekends are for being sick. And shopping.

I don't know why being sick makes me want to eat as unnutritionally as possible. (That's totally a word, spellchecker. I'm pretty sure...)

I thought I was having some allergy issues because of the rain storms but I kept thinking I might be getting sick. Wednesday, I scarfed down these onion rings so fast I almost didn't get a photo.
Pause. Resume inhaling.
Thursday I made soup for dinner. I used a mix and a can of chicken so it was super quick. (Since there doesn't exist a canned chicken noodle soup that I can eat.) And it was pretty good.

Friday, I had one of my first experiences being able to eat the lunch that was brought in. There was Boston Market chicken and steamed veggies (and a bunch of stuff I couldn't have). And I had some more soup.

Saturday, I was sure I was sick. I decided on chili and tater tots. Then I realized I could add some cheese and thought some cheese sauce might work. Well, it's my first time using the Daiya wedge (cheese chunk) but I have this jalapeno garlic havarti so I melted it and put it on top. It was a little too thick but it tasted good.

And the chili was very good. Too bad I've only found it at the Country Store.

Sunday, I was feeling better-ish and we were out of dog food, so we went to Costco. My small kitchen appliances have been wilting and dying on me for a while, but I hate spending the money if I can get around it. I can no longer get around it.

My hand mixer died but I had a stand mixer that had a removable hand mixer so I used that. Then the slowest setting on that stopped working a couple weeks ago, so I know it's just a matter of time.
New mixer!
When my husband Mick and his helpers harvested the corn, the Food Saver started needing extra steps to get a vacuum seal and since then has been pretty worthless. But I loved it before then!
New FoodSaver!
My waffle maker doesn't evenly cook the waffles. I'm sure a little of my problem could be the recipe, but not totally. So we got the iron I should have gotten originally.
New waffle iron!
My rice cooker doesn't work anymore but the one they had seemed pretty cheap so we skipped that. I can't believe I got so many new toys tools!

Back in the day, we would have considered a quick stop for dinner, at least for take out. But now, that's just not an option. So we headed home.

For dinner, I had the rest of the chili and tater tots, but made this artichoke cheese dip from the Daiya website. I didn't really measure things, just eyeballed it, and definitely used too much mustard. It wasn't great but not bad.

Mick had cut open the watermelon he picked but said it wasn't really ready to eat but he thought it could be used for something else. By the time I got to it, I decided to just juice it. I'll use it in smoothies this week.

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