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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Luci's and Albertson's

My friend M works near me but has a lot of trouble getting away for lunch, so she wanted to meet for breakfast on the weekend. She seemed more anxious than normal about scheduling something while I'm never anxious to go to breakfast. LOL. Something about no wheat, no eggs, no dairy, no bananas, makes breakfast so much less fun.

We decided to meet at Luci's. She suggested because I used to go there often and she thought I still do, but I really just go for drinks (tea, coffee, smoothies) occasionally. They were able to make me breakfast of potatoes and bacon, but it took a while because they had to make it separately. It was good. I would ask for some salsa or pico next time. I also brought a blueberry muffin from Gluten-Free Creations bakery and had a vanilla almond milk latte which was very good.
We checked out the grocery store at Luci's and I got some raisins, YumNuts coconut cashews, and quinoa cookies. I liked the coffee version of the cookies (I got at Whole Foods) better than these orange ones. The YumNuts are fantastic, but a little sweet. I may not buy them again because, in addition to being expensive, they were good enough that I had trouble with portion control!

We went to Poor Little Rich Girl, a consignment shop, and I found a couple of dresses and tops for good prices. I'm back up to 170 so I'm unable to wear some of my cute clothes I bought the last year or two. I hate that I'm gaining and feel like I have little control but maybe I just need to get serious about tracking what I'm eating. But it's kind of depressing. And I do "eat my feelings" I'm sure!

On my way home, I wanted to go to Albertson's for a couple things. But...

I recently heard of some grocery list apps and I want to start tracking prices so I can better look for deals instead of just sales. I set up my store lists but hadn't figured out much more than that. I got to Albertson's and started using it. I quickly figured out to scan the code in case it was in the system rather than typing items in. Then I realized I could just do the items I wasn't getting but wanted to remember. The time consuming part was adding the prices. I spent way more time there than I had planned. I'm kind of obsessive like that I guess!

I love using chipotles in adobo and had a little stash but recently ran out. This has been an unexpected problem. Apparently, most of the brands have wheat, and the most common gluten-free brand has soy! Boo! I found a brand online but the price and potential shipping costs (and inconvenience) has delayed my order.

And then I found these! YAY! They aren't labeled g/f but the ingredients are right.

I also found these ice cream cones. I can't remember the last time I had a cone! No eggs or other yucks--whoo-hoo! (I found the sugar cones online--same brand--but they have soy.)

I have this but wasn't sure it was g/f!
When I got home, I had a late large lunch like yesterday's dinner. Then I spent too much time pulling weeds in the garden. Mick thinks he can let them go and then just roto-till it later. Hmm, pretty sure that's NOT going to work. So I'm digging them out...

I made manicotti for my husband (not me) for dinner. I was so tired then that I had cereal. (Arrowhead Buckwheat Flakes with mixed almond and rice milks.) Good night.

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